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L' agony mentale

Le 27 August 2013, 06:10 dans Musique 0















Presque une comedie, le soleil et moi seul dans le mirroir et ne pas de larmes, comme analizer mes pieds? le jour et la surprise attendant pour moi mais je de la confiance et de le desir de pratiquer mes devoirs cotidiene toutes les jours de ma existence, suis je heureuse? sont toute belle mes pensse? que sais je? quelquel mots en francais? ce tout? domage, je veux apprendre et je vais etudier beaucoup pour ecrire,parler et ecouter le idiome francais. cont....




Le 25 August 2013, 05:37 dans Musique 0

Dreams and feelings from joao frade on Vimeo.

Fatality, it is fantastic and waking up in the middle of a nightmare I jumped from the pillow and I got the vacuum to dust my eyes to clean up my dirty dreams however very soon I realize that I got a terrible back pain and my nose it became ashamed of such a vision and devil friendship, romantic?.


Macabre and indecent, full of foolish preoccupations, my thoughts heard the telephone ringing aloud and feelings getting totally wet and I unlocked the phone with the power of abracadabra and I said hello Extra Terrestrial, hello heretic bestial mind > so interesting and funny but nobody answered the phone and instead of murmurs there was only an advertising text inviting me to buy pills to improve my hopes. Now Continuing to describe the factors of factories of pyramids and because of my heart I had to quit smoking and I got a better perception of my mental condition, I wish I could to create cars without tires and windshield, marvelous? then so real common it is an white page decorated with yellow letters, nothing wrong with my eyes and cracking golden eggs to be send to digital explanatory museun and I remember the bravery of cruelty and the divine goddess destiny my muse and wigs of mad dogs and adding intellectual frogs and she hold the cat tail and kissed it and she cried silenced smiling and I am sure the King sun sometimes can be very provocative and sometimes insulted by our ignorance.


Wisdom and windows to be fixed and so then every year a disaster global to celebrate the past frustrations, let's go to talk about games and money? and delighted sensual instincts, and the music in the wagon hits our ears hammering hard our desire to enjoy a day of silence, does God knows about that noise? And the devil preach that the hell it is a paradise in the winter time.


Inside the comfortable coffin the body it is big. large and immensely squared to be accommodated in the vehicle of dead because fats and fart took control of the romantics nights and there is not a logical propose in such a mood plenty of sadness, the vampire can fix it? and reality cannot change its course and indeed the future never got its fictions in the Moon period and reasoning about fertility so realistic the goddesses were forgotten and the cure of soul become difficult nowadays, the brutal function of the rational element of concordance between sincerity and mercy needs to be linked in human conscience again, but better saying it is complicated to accurate the source of infinite and our mental orgy accept fate karmic and the chaos has allowed its functions to make psych disorder in our system cosmic.


Reading from yesterday page 666 we have such a phrase to be examined >> who created illusions? 


Technology last just until there is no light to clarify the means of nature and so theatrical please I am sorry and there is falsity in this macabre statement of the heart and who can hear the music of tomorrow? So electronic plays a miserable hole in the market, and how we will survivor the hopes of our perspective?, and there are distortions in human mental condition because of superstitions.


And there is the first action of history called finite, wrong way of describing light? laughing aloud, and the owl talisman enigmatic and the sorcery charming the night with distinctive eyes and so then the propose and time frame of life it is uncertain but there is plenty of promises and believers and only the gods knows who is the interminable fountain of their own existence, happy the bird singing and what is ignorance if not the door to wisdom, marvelous mind sidereal, confessions and water fall of emotions because there is love in the root of conscience.


Suffering it is a state mental or a psych disorder and we must accept our fate because it could be worse, so as uncertain our daily dreams and breezing the atmosphere of happiness because life it is an art sculptured by time, sometimes it is better not to be sad because there is not enough money to buy gifts to our heart.


I see my mind spoiling my ideas and mind it need to be disciplined just like our abilities to do things that needs perfection, before I was brainwashed by superstitions and all kind of bad thoughts and really I didn't love my self period and today there is my desires to do what would to be better to my enjoyment terrestrial and I am regain power and self determination and nobody else to dictate what direction I have to take to achieve my spiritual goals because I zeal for my intuitions and there is no doubt that I am still a sidereal elementary being living by grace and blesses.